Our Work

Sae Run Industrial Co., Ltd., Korea

Sae Run Industrial Co., Ltd., Korea

We propose the new products which meet the customers’ demands with the latest trends for a variety of leather products.

In addition, we keep offering high-quality products to the Lotte Group in South Korea.

Tecnica Color Asia Pacific, Singapore

Tecnica Color Asia Pacific, Singapore

We offer a maintenance cream for enhancing the durability and functionality to protect the leather and also provide the related chemicals.

We have been conducting the research and the development of various fields for many years, while leveraging the accumulated proprietary technology, to meet the wide range of customer requests.


Major Trading Firms

We offer not only leather materials, also high-quality collagen peptides and gelatin produced from raw materials in our factory.

It has been optimized to the medical supplies, the cosmetics and health supplements by taking full advantage of the blessing from nature.


Masahiko Kasei, Group Headquarter

Masahiko Kasei, Japan headquarter of Thai Tokunaga, with the mottos “quality, delivery, and cost”, has the rich experiences in leather manufacturing technology, performs the strict production management and work on time delivery.

We have the strong inquiring spirit especially in quality, and work hard every day to develop and improve the quality of new products.

Masahiko Kasei will keep offering our products to satisfy customers by our own material procurement method.

Taiho Trading Co., Ltd.
WITH Co., Ltd.
Thanulux Plc.

We have a high reputation by offering a wide variety of leather materials and related products to our clients on request.

Recent Projects

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  • ハイエンドMobile-BaaSプラットフォームの事業開発 海外スタートアップ支援
  • 2020年東京オリンピック開催に向けた大手SIer新規事業企画の立案支援コンサルティング業務
  • 大手SIerの次世代IoTソリューション構築に向けた海外先行事例の戦略的マーケット調査業務 ~家電IoTソリューション~