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Tanning Business

Tanning Business

Thai Tokunaga has its strength with the global procurement network of the nature materials. We strictly conduct quality control in each production process in order to deliver stable products to our customers.

Our main manufacture bases are located in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Our target products are men’s shoes, women’s shoes, business bag, casual bag, wallet, belt, car seat, steering wheel, aircraft sheet, furniture leather and the others. We have a wide range of the leather products.

In addition, we are able to supply the high-spec products required to very strict standards and regulations such as the governmental service, fire shoes and the postal service. We offer the wide range of manufacturing technology such as waterproof, Gore-Tex, flame-retardant, waterproof flame-retardant, and light shielding.

Thai Tokunaga constantly delivers a high quality leather products since we perform the strict material processing under our own factory management system.
Initial preparatory step of adjusting the skin thickness
Keeping the quality of the leather materials with squeezing the water
“Leather” which has been chrome tanned from “Skin” to be preserved
Working process of selecting leather
Vacuum drying process
Drying leather
Processing step with the pattern on the leather surface
Naturally drying the processed leather
Laying skin cells and polishing
Smoothing the leather surface
Dyeing leather by the spray machine
Weighing, packing and finally shipping to global market to suit various purposes
Leather Product Manufacture Business

Leather Product Manufacture Business

We strictly conduct the production management to keep a high quality of leather and also punctiliously adhere delivery time by using the rich experiences in Japanese leather manufacturing technology of Masahiko Kasei, Group Headquarter.

We have been also carrying out continuous development and research to manufacture and process a natural material "skin" as a high-quality "leather".

Our production bases are located in Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Laos. We manufacture a variety of products such as men's shoes, women's shoes, business bag, casual bags, wallets, belts, car seats, steering wheel, aircraft sheet, safety shoes, and furniture.

Natural Material Business

Natural Material Business

We pay close attention to meet the various needs and conduct the strict manufacture/product management since the raw hides and skins significantly affect the leather quality, which is the origin of the tannery business.

We also carry out the deployment to a variety of fields and applications by taking advantage of the very best materials, and using the latest technology such as gelatin and collagen of animal-derived protein in the natural material business.

Global Market Entry Support

Global Market Entry Support

In the circumstance of the decrease in the domestic demand, we all need to globally expand our business.

Thai Tokunaga will support communications with overseas, public relations business, and contract negotiation for those companies considering to entry the global market and establish the new office, based on our rich experience in overseas business.